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Footprints Pendant

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Sterling 925 Silver Pendant

Available in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold & Gold

2 Customizable Birthstones

2 Spots for inclusions which can include - Breastmilk, Formula, Placenta Capsule, Umbilical Cord, Baby Hair, Sand/Dirt from special spot, Wedding Flowers, Cremation Ashes, Funeral Flowers - etc. 

Please Specify which inclusions you would like to use & Which birthstones you would like to add in place of the 'big toes' via email to with your name & order number! 

PLEASE NOTE: This ring is custom made for you, using your inclusion.


This pendant is pictured with the following

Left Side: Umbilical Cord & Sapphire Birthstone

Right Side: Breastmilk & Simulated Diamond Birthstone

 Silver Pendant is pictured with cloth inclusions