How do you make Breastmilk Jewelry?

Once I get your Breastmilk, I store it in the freezer until I am ready to process it. When ready, I take it, heat it & add my special preservation powder mixture to it.

From there, I let it dry out for a few days before combining it with high-quality resin and either directly placing it into a ring setting, or creating a centre stone via silicone mould. 

Do you use Citric Acid in your preservation method? 

No - this helps prevent your stone from taking on a yellow colour. 

What's your background? How did you get into this?

I'm a teacher with a passion for art. My second was born in 2021, and I longed for a breastmilk keepsake with my first. Because I was in a much different position financially, I was never able to afford to do it - so with the second baby, I figured why not! Read more of my story on my About Me page!

What is your turnaround time?

Once I receive your milk - about 6-12 weeks. 

Where are you based?

Manitoba, Canada

Do you offer Local pick up?

Yes, I offer Winnipeg, Selkirk, Steinbach, Beausejour & Surrounding areas!

Who's Breastmilk do you use?

All jewelry is custom-made for the buyer! 

How do I know you're using my milk?

There really is no way to tell who's milk I'm using - it all boils down to trust. I'm a mama, and I've struggled with breastfeeding. I know just how special, and important this keepsake is. I try to use your milk in videos & reels on my social media showing you peeks into the process! Feel free to follow along on Instagram @lovebylait for a chance to possibly see your milk featured! 

How do I ship my breastmilk to you?

Please check the Inclusion Instructions Page on the top menu for detailed instructions on how to get your milk to me!

Do I have to ship my milk frozen or on ice?

Nope! So long as you follow the inclusion instructions - it's all good! The milk I receive doesn't have to be consumable. Once I heat it & add the preservation chemicals to it, it'll nuke the bacteria! 

How much milk do I need?

Locally, I can get away with 5 ml for a beautiful white stone. If you're a low producer, and have struggled, I've made a piece using as little as 2 ml. You're limited as to what kind of item you can get (Smaller stone) - but it is possible. 

Mailed, I ask for 1 oz. 

How many pieces can you make from my milk?

From the 1 oz sent, I generally only will preserve about 5 ml! From those 5 ml's I can generally get 5 items in! It doesn't take a lot of milk powder to colour the resin!

How long do you keep my milk powder on hand?

As long as I am open, I will continue to store milk. 

Can I use something other than Breastmilk to make a keepsake?

Absolutely! We can do Cremation Ashes, Formula, Dried Wedding Flowers, Dried Funeral Flowers, Dirt from a special post, Sand from a special spot, Cloth/Fabric, Umbilical Cord, Placenta Powder...you name it!

If you have any ideas that aren't listed here - email info@lovebylait.ca and we can figure it out! 

I've got 10-year-old milk in my deep freeze - can you use that?

Yes! Milk doesn't have to be consumable! The oldest milk I've ever used was 10 years old - but it could have been 15, or 20 for that matter! It doesn't matter! :) 

Can you combine milk?

Yes! Feel free to combine it before you package it up, or send me 1/2 oz of each - triple bagged. 

Do you offer any discounts?

Check my FB and my Instagram Pages @lovebylait for sales periodically!

Code: LOCAL - will get you free local pickup in the cooks creek , MB area. 

Do you sell on any other platforms?

Etsy as Love By Lait:


I do a few Makers Markets in Winnipeg & surrounding areas!

Check my Instagram page @lovebylait for more info on where I'll be! 

How do I take care of my Breastmilk Jewelry?

Careful treatment of your breastmilk jewelry is important. When practical, avoid exposing your jewelry to prolonged, direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. Always remove your breastmilk jewelry before going into a sauna or when tanning. With each breastmilk jewelry purchase, we provide a soft bag for storing your piece. Place your jewelry in it and store the bag in a dark, cool place, and avoid excessively humid environments.

Your breastmilk stone will be extremely hard, but this does not mean it will be scratch-proof. You can scratch the surface with a sharp edge, so be mindful of your jewelry when handling abrasive items. Additionally, if you layer your jewelry, rubbing of the pieces can cause wear.

Remove your breastmilk jewelry before you bathe or shower, before you wash your hands or apply hand sanitizer, and before you go swimming. The buildup of residue and chemicals added to your water supply can dull the sheen of your breastmilk stone.

Avoid exposing your breastmilk jewelry to harsh chemicals. Alcohol, while useful for cleaning the metal parts of jewelry, can potentially damage the surface of your breastmilk jewelry stone. Avoid exposure to perfume because it is often alcohol-based. Oils from your skin can be harmful as well and dull the sheen of your breastmilk stone. 

Clean your breastmilk jewelry using cool water and a mild soap. Polish it with a soft, clean rag. And never use jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals.


Help - I don't know my ring size! 

No fear! The best solution is to this is to go to a jewelry store and get yourself sized - but if that's not an option for my Canadian customers (I know, life is busy) feel free to order a ring sizer under the MISC category where you can also purchase a mailer for $10. Return the ring sizer & I'll include earrings or a necklace with your purchase! 

Can I return, or cancel my order?

Due to the personal nature of each piece, we do not accept returns or order cancellations.

However, if you should receive an item that is defective, damaged or not what you ordered, we will help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible by replacing the item, once the faulty item has been returned to us by post.

How much do I send it? 

If you are sending in the last bit of your milk please email me. I likely won’t have you send the entire oz needed just in case. Please do not send me all of your inclusions - or what is left of them. For example, please don’t send me the entire birth cord/stump, or the last of your milk. It will not be returned with your order and stored with the milk powder I have in file for you. If you do want it returned, postage will be entirely on you and I can not guarantee delivery once it’s out of my hands. 

What happens if I don’t send milk in?

Due to the nature of the system, If an inclusion is not received within two months, jewelry will be sent out with imitation milk. 

Are you on Social Media?

Yes! Follow me on Instagram & Tiktok as @LovebyLait

and on Facebook as Love By Lait


If you have any more questions feel free to contact info@lovebylait.ca for more information!